Philip Gibbons Studio Portrait
Thank you for visiting! I’m Phil, a professional photographer from Manchester. I am lucky to call the village of Bramhall my home where I live with my wife Laura and our two young daughters, Holly and Ellie (and not forgetting Milo, our Fox Red Labrador). Needless to say that it’s a busy house!
I’ve always been fascinated by photography and the process of capturing a moment in time and the precious memories with which photographs can conjure. To me, photography is the closest thing we have to time travel and it has been ever since the first picture was taken in 1826.
Photography has always been present in my life, spurred on by things like travelling the world but I never considered it as a profession until after starting a family (the majority of my career up until then had been spent in reprographics, print and packaging). Since then I’ve been honing my skills, expanding my photograhic equipment and technical capabilities and continue to invest in my professional development.
Portrait photography is very special and brings me immense joy when capturing someone’s personality. Where better to capture joy than at a wedding?